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Dr. Yousef Elyaman, M.D.


Dr. Yousef A. Elyaman is a Board Certified Internist with a cross specialization in Pediatrics. He founded Absolute Health in 2006, bringing his unique approach to healthcare to the families of Ocala and its surrounding communities. He is currently working towards Board Certification in the field of Functional Medicine. He will be one of the first physicians worldwide to achieve this new and distinct accreditation.

Known to his patients as “Dr. E”, his methodology combines functional and integrative medicine through a systems oriented approach. He believes in taking the time necessary to get to know his patients and involving them in their treatment plans.

According to Dr. E, “being meticulous and proactive in learning a patient’s medical history—including the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors is crucial to developing an effective strategy towards the ultimate goal of long term health”. He considers patient education and patient involvement to be equally important. In his experience, “when a patient truly understands the reasons they are not feeling well, and they understand how to improve their condition(s), they feel empowered and tend to act with determination. This is a critical component towards long term success on the path to optimal health”.

In addition to educating and caring for patients within his office, Dr. E provides educational events open to the public on a regular and ongoing basis. He is a frequent guest lecturer at local hospitals and community centers including, Ocala Regional Medical Center, West Marion Hospital, and Master the Possibilities Education Center. He values having the opportunity to interact and share with the community and says that “it is a win-win situation”.

According to Dr. E, “there is no greater feeling than knowing that something I’ve shared has changed a person’s life for the better. These events are fun and they help to keep me current on the health concerns and medical issues facing our community. I’m always learning and striving to improve my knowledge base and methods to ensure that I am as effective as possible”.

The comprehensive treatment plans implemented by Dr. E further distinguish him from most conventional family doctors and internists. Dr. E incorporates the latest in Modern Medicine as well as Natural and Alternative treatments and methods that have been found to contribute significantly to overall health and well-being. He explains that “just because a treatment may not have been created in a billion dollar pharmaceutical lab, does not mean that we should overlook its benefits and not take advantage of them”. According to his experience, in many cases, something as simple as altering a patient’s diet, adding a nutritional supplement, or improving sleep habits can make a whole world of difference.

Dr. E believes that “unfortunately many patients are over-medicated and unaware of alternative treatments. In numerous cases, the solution to a health problem cannot, and will not be found at the bottom of a prescription bottle”. He regards being a doctor as a sacred trust and responsibility and therefore, holds himself to the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence.

He is committed to being available to his patients and makes it the policy at Absolute Health to accept same-day emergency appointments. “We ask that patients call ahead and we always do our best to get them in as soon as possible”.

Further responding to patient and community needs, Dr. E recently joined forces with his brothers Dr. Waleed Elyaman, M.D. and Dr. Mostafa Elyaman, M.D. to open Absolute Quick Care in Ocala, FL. The driving principle behind Absolute Quick Care is a dedication to being accessible to patients and families after hours and during weekends. Dr. E explains that it makes him happy to know that his patients (especially the parents’ of young children) “can rest knowing that if someone gets sick on Friday evening, they don’t have face the decision of whether to go to the emergency room or wait until Monday to see a doctor”.

Recently, Dr. E and Dr. Waleed Elyaman formed Absolute Elder Care, a division of Absolute Health, which focuses on caring for patients in assisted living facilities. Dr. E explains: “many of my patients are older, and this allows me to continue caring for them when they reach a point where they are unable to come to my office. They are dealing with enough changes in their lives without having to add the stress of finding a new doctor they are comfortable with.

Outside of work, Dr. E is a husband and devoted father of five (four boys and one girl). He spends as much time as possible with his children and treasures every minute of it. Some of his favorite family activities include camping, fishing, swimming, and playing chess. He also gives back to the community through his personal involvement and support of local charitable organizations. Dr. E says that although he has had to work hard for everything he has, he recognizes that he is fortunate and believes that giving back in ways that make a meaningful difference is the best way he knows to show his appreciation for all the things he has been blessed with.