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Dr. Waleed Elyaman, M.D.

doc-2Dr. Waleed Elyaman, M.D. completed his medical training in Wayne, Michigan at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital. During his last year of residency there, he served as the program’s Chief Resident overseeing thirty Resident Physicians.

Dr. Waleed Elyaman is Board Certified in Family Medicine. His scope of practice reflects his special interest in Geriatric Care and he is a Board Eligible Palliative Care Physician. He currently serves as a Medical Director for Hospice of Marion County, dealing extensively with the challenges that arise with caring for patients in stages of advanced ageing and those with chronic health conditions.

In August of 2010, Dr. Waleed Elyaman joined Absolute Health where he and his brother, Dr. Yousef Elyaman (Dr. E) formed “Absolute Elder Care”, a division of Absolute Health, which focuses on caring for patients in hospice and in assisted living facilities throughout Central Florida.

Dr. Waleed Elyaman is the Medical Director and Lead Physician for Absolute Elder Care. He and his team work diligently with facilities to ensure that residents receive appropriate care and regular monitoring of chronic conditions to reduce hospitalization and increase life expectancy. Absolute Elder Care provides three levels of service to patients allowing them to select the appropriate level of care based on their individual needs:

  • Complete Care
    • Complete Care for patients in Assisted Living facilities is the most comprehensive level of service which designates Absolute Elder Care as the Primary Care provider. This level of service includes on-site appointments for the prescription of daily medications, routine checkups, and sick appointments when needed.
  • Acute Care
    • This service allows patients to remain under the care of their regular primary care physician for routine visits, prescriptions of daily medications and treatment plans. Absolute Elder Care will conduct an initial visit to establish care, then all subsequent visits will be only upon request.
  • Hospice Care
    • Many primary care physicians are not equipped to deal with hospice care. Dr. Waleed Elyaman is an expert in this field and his extensive experience and personable approach makes him the ideal choice for a primary hospice physician. In this capacity, Dr. Elyaman visits his patients on-site based on their individual clinical needs.

At Absolute Elder Care, we are fully integrated with online medical records. Upon request, you will have access to our eClinical Works Patient Portal which can be used to communicate directly with our medical staff. Our doctors and attentive staff are at your service to promptly deal with any issues that may arise.

In addition to private practice, Dr. Waleed Elyaman sees patients at the City of Ocala’s Employee Health Clinic, caring for most of the city’s employees including Ocala’s firefighters, police officers, and their families.

In order to care for patients after hours and during weekends, Dr. Waleed Elyaman joined forces with his brothers Dr. Yousef Elyaman, M.D. and Dr. Mostafa Elyaman, M.D. to open Absolute Quick Care in Ocala, FL.

In his free time, Dr. Waleed Elyaman enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys a variety of outdoor sports and activities, including fishing, kayaking, and boating.