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Dr. Hansen

Hansen-PhotoDr. Cherie Hansen attended medical school at Nova Southeastern University and completed her residency with a specialty in Family Medicine. She began practicing Family Medicine in 2001 and is a compassionate caregiver and integrative and functional medicine practitioner.

Dr. Hansen believes that listening to her patients is vital to their healing. She asserts, “If you listen, the patient will tell you what is wrong with them.” Dr. Hansen genuinely cares about the well-being of her patients and aims to educate them on the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. She believes, “When you educate a patient about their health, you empower them to make the necessary changes.”

Before becoming a physician, Dr. Hansen developed an interest in natural medicine, studying herbals in the rainforests of Guyana. Her quest to find balance and well-being led her to delve into the study of nutrition and exercise, where she began working as an aerobics instructor.She also worked at the university level prior to becoming a physician after obtaining a Bachelor’s of Biology and a Master’s of Science and Teaching.

A Florida native, Dr. Hansen was born in Fort Walton Beach and raised in Central Florida. She currently resides with her two daughters in Ocala, Florida. Her hobbies include horse training, watersports, and hiking. Her well-rounded background, zest for life, and holistic view of health and wellness make Dr. Hansen an integral member of the Absolute Health team.